N.A.R Group

About Us

From new construction to renovations, fixing damages, or finishing a shell, The N.A.R Group is your fully integrated construction manager and general contractor. We have the expertise to finish tasks of any size or complexity. Our skilled team will deliver excellent results while keeping communication open with you throughout the process.

The N.A.R Group has a long history of providing excellent customer service and integrity, and we are eager to serve you. We are a locally owned and operated company committed to strengthening Melbourne’s communities. We are proud of our long-standing reputation for quality, safety, scheduling, pricing, and service.

The N.A.R Group is a seasoned plant and tool hire provider to both commercial and residential customers. Contractors, civil engineers, groundwork contractors, and builders rely on us for large plants and equipment. We provide a wide range of new plant and tools, specializing in the supply of excavators.

N.A.R Group

Our Cutting-Edge Machinery

At N.A.R group, we are equipped to handle a wide range of projects with our diverse fleet of machinery. Our arsenal includes 12 excavators, ranging from the nimble 5-tonne models ideal for smaller sites, to the robust 36-tonne machines designed for large-scale excavations. Complementing our excavators, we operate three truck and trailers for efficient material transport and one high-capacity taper, ensuring we have the necessary tools to meet the specific needs of any project. Our well-maintained and technologically advanced equipment stands ready to deliver on the most demanding tasks, reflecting our commitment to quality and efficiency in every job we undertake.
About Behrang Beton Pars

Legacy in the Middle East: Our Journey of Excellence and Impact

Behrang Beton Pars Company, based on its valuable experiences, has been active in the field of civil engineering projects since 2001 and has been successful in obtaining a rank from the Office of Planning and Strategic Monitoring of the Presidency as follows, and with a team of experienced and specialized in the fields of irrigation and drainage networks, wastewater, water transmission lines, Structure, dam construction, etc., is ready to participate in the tenders of government and private organizations:
• Grade one water resources
• Grade three oil and gas
• Grade two facilities and equipment
• Grade three roads and transportation
• Grade three buildings and structures
• Grade four agriculture
• Grade five power