Plant hire enables those involved in construction projects to rent equipment and machinery rather than purchasing them. Hiring such equipment is common in the construction industry. It can be a very effective solution for many projects

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    Are You Looking For Plant Hire Services?

    Are you in need of some heavy plant equipment? Perhaps you’re budgeting for a large project and there is no room for machinery purchase.

    N.A.R Group Plant Hire enables you to reap the benefits of having cutting-edge equipment for an agreed-upon period of time without making a large upfront investment.

    Contractors, civil engineers, groundwork contractors, and builders rely on us for large plants and equipment. We provide a wide range of new plant and tools, specializing in the supply of excavators, which are safely secured onto trailers using N.A.R’s unique systems.


    All Your Plant Hire Needs Covered

    No matter if your project is big or small, N.A.R group plant hire has the plant and trucks available for wet and dry hire to get the job done in Melbourne.

    N.A.R plant hire services include the equipment hire of excavators, skid steer loaders, dozers, and backhoes. Our extensive range of trucks for hire includes tandem tippers, truck and dogs, and semi-tippers.

    We are eager to help with all of your truck and plant hire needs, from large infrastructure projects to backyard jobs. Before choosing a plant to hire in Melbourne, check out N.A.R for a top-notch plant hire service at a great price!

    Benefits Of Plant Hire Services


    You're Safe with us

    There is no need to put yourself up against any unwanted risk. N.A.R. Group Plant Hire can help you ensure your plant is in top condition.



    It is far more cost-effective to only pay for the plant vehicle when you actually need it rather than having to enter into loans or purchase agreements.


    High-Quality Equipment

    Our large fleet of Plants is continuously maintained, our plants are frequently updated thanks to our unique plant renewal program.



    You can enjoy a great deal of flexibility with plant hire services if your plans change in the middle of a project. As your project progresses, select the equipment you’ll need.


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