Construction of irrigation sub-network, equipment and renovation and
underground drainage of farms of construction area No. (1) Jofeir

Location Bulleen Heights School (Secondary Campus)

1. Project Overview:
The scope of work encompasses a comprehensive range of activities required for the
construction of roads and pathways. This includes earthworks, carting and disposal of soil,
laying crushed rock base, asphalt laying, as well as construction of kerb and channel, and
2. Earthworks:
Clearing and grubbing of the site as necessary to prepare for construction activities.
Excavation of soil to achieve desired grades and contours for road and pathway alignments.
Backfilling and compaction of trenches and excavated areas to ensure stability and proper
3. Carting and Disposal of Soil:
Transportation of excavated soil to designated disposal sites in accordance with local
Proper management of soil disposal activities to minimize environmental impact.
Coordination with relevant authorities for permits and approvals related to soil disposal.
4. Crushed Rock Base:
Preparation of subgrade by scarifying and compacting the existing soil.
Placement and compaction of crushed rock material to establish a stable base for the road and
Gradation of crushed rock material as per project specifications to achieve optimal compaction
and load-bearing capacity.
5. Asphalt Laying:
Application of tack coat to the prepared base surface to promote adhesion between layers.
Asphalt paving using hot mix asphalt (HMA) or other specified materials.
Compaction of asphalt layers to achieve desired density and smoothness.
Application of surface treatments or sealants as required for durability and skid resistance.
6. Kerb and Channel:
Installation of kerbs and channels along the edges of the road to define the roadway and
provide drainage control.
Proper alignment and grading of kerbs and channels to facilitate efficient water runoff.
Construction of inlet and outlet structures as necessary for stormwater management.
7. Footpath:
Excavation and preparation of subgrade for footpath construction.
Placement and compaction of base materials such as crushed rock or gravel.
Installation of formwork and reinforcement as needed for concrete footpath.
Pouring, finishing, and curing of concrete to achieve desired strength and surface texture.
8. Quality Assurance and Control:
Implementation of quality control measures throughout the construction process to ensure
compliance with project specifications and standards.
Regular inspection and testing of materials, subgrade, and finished surfaces.
Documentation of all testing procedures, results, and relevant data for record-keeping
9. Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations:
Adherence to all relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations and guidelines.
Implementation of proper safety measures and protocols to protect workers and the public
during construction activities.
Minimization of environmental impact through proper waste management and erosion control

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